Welcome to Virtualcare, the platform enabling remote care across Australia.

Providing care... everywhere.

Today there were 23,000 patients presenting to emergency departments across Australia. By 2027 that number will be 35,000.

This is a Problem!

Thankfully, through the use of clinician directed automation we can increase patient throughput by 30% without adding a single member of staff.

The Quadruple Aim of Healthcare...
and what we strive to achieve!

1. Improved Patient Outcomes -
To improve the quality of care provided to patients and the overall health of the population. Providing greater access to healthcare for all regardless of location. Driving shared care and care coordination for the benefit of patients.

2. Improved Patient Experience -
To improve the overall experience and knowledge of patients across all levels of care. To give people receiving healthcare autonomy and a sense of self-agency never seen before in Australian healthcare.

3. Improved Care Team Experience -
Making it easier for care teams to work to the best of their ability. Creating seamless interoperability across primary, secondary, tertiary and aged care. Drastically simplifying the integration of technology into daily workflows.

4. Overall Lower Costs -
Drastically reduced cost of overall patient care by removing the dependancy on 'brick and mortar' facilities without compromising on the quality of care provided. Hospitals are expensive. For context, the Royal Adelaide Hospital is the third most expensive building in the world.

We believe that technology is the key to achieving the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare. We are passionate about utilising technology to support more care outside of the hospital environment to drive the Quadruple Aim...

But that's where Datos comes in...

The world's first remote care automation platform that connects patients with their sources of medical care - wherever they are!

Datos - the device, cloud, and EMR agnostic solution designed to:

  • Make healthcare more user friendly, for patients and clinicians.
  • Enable healthcare to benefit from the technological advances we are seeing in every other industry.
  • Contribute to a health system that proactively cares for patients, not a retroactive disease management system.
  • Lead the transition to community and home-based care.

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