If technology is the key...
We are the keysmiths!

We have worked with some of Australia's leading digital hospitals and have seen the potential for what healthcare in Australia could be; let's work together to make this a reality.

Datos is deployed across Israel in all 26 government funded hospitals. The Israeli health system has been fully digital since the early 2000s, and Israel is a world leader in digital health technologies.

Additionally, since 2019, Datos has delivered the entire technological core for all remote patient care programs at Sheba Medical, the largest hospital in the Middle East.

What we are up against.

With numerous issues for patients and healthcare professionals just around the corner, providing care is becoming increasingly difficult - and it's getting worse.

Some of these issues include:

An aging population -

Why is this an issue?

Increase in chronic disease -

Why is this an issue?

Running out of Space -

Why is this an issue?

Running out of money -

Why is this an issue?

Running out of time -

Why is this an issue?